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Superior Technical Support

Are you having troubles getting in touch with a technical support representative during business hours that is hurting your ability to use the software to its maximum potential?

Why FireAcad Inc. has the best technical support?

Look no further and welcome to FireAcad Inc. EXCEEDING THE INDUSTRY since 1985. FireAcad Inc. is knowledgeable in the fire protection industry and has a complete technical support team that is always waiting to answer your questions or concerns during business hours. We are kind and friendly! Do not delay, pick up the phone and dial in. We always like to hear from you.

FireAcad Inc. commits a very high standard of making sure our clients are satisfied and getting the technical support right away during business hours.

Thus, you have many ways of reaching technical support from the list below:

  • E-mail
  • Phone
  • Texting
  • Live Chat
  • GoToMeeting/TeamViewer

Since technology is evolving so rapidly, many technologies mentioned above that we offer and support for all of our clients is just one of many way to provide supoort. FireAcad Inc. now has adopted GoToMeeting and TeamViewer apart from a very traditional email and phone support because GoToMeeting allows callers to dial in with their computer or phone to be able to reach FireAcad Inc. technical support team without scarfing the long distance bills. This allows FireAcad Inc. to give presentation, training, interact with clients, etc. On the flip side, FireAcad Inc. also uses TeamViewer that allows FireAcad Inc. to be able to connect to clients computer to see, diagnose, and fix the issue right away rather than wasting time using traditional email, phone, texting, and live chat. Since the use of GoToMeeting and TeamViewer, FireAcad Inc. is able to provide top notch technical support and resolve the issue or concerns faster than ever.

Technical Support Cost

FireAcad Inc. is not shy to talk about pricing because FireAcad Inc. truly believes that pricing is an important factor. FireAcad Inc. provides a well structured and best pricing so that clients can utilize the paid service to its potential. We offer two options of support as mentioned in the pricing page.


Free Trial




Renewal Fee



Trigger File 

Technical Support Trigger File

No Software Upgrade

No File Update

License Cost in USD

Option 1

Cleints will be charged for FireAcad Inc. to provide superior technical support based on each technical support. This means that FireAcad Inc. will determine if it is a chargeable technical support. If it is, will let you know and we will charge and fix each case until it is complete. FireAcad Inc. Will not charge until the issue is fixed. If you require GoToMeeting/TeamViewer for faster support, it will be a 1-Hour charge. if not fixable within the hour, will not charge until fix.

Option 2

Our top notch superior technical support. Will go out of our ways to help clients in anyways as mentioned above. You get what you paid for. FireAcad Inc. highly recommends this service.