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Complete Fire Sprinkler Software AutoCAD


Product Profile

Knowledge of AutoCAD® is very minimal because FireAcad has all the required built-in cluster of commands to help ease without knowing any AutoCAD® commands. Thus, the beauty is that it is a complete automatic sprinkler system design software hydraulic calculation by FireAcad. Its 3-Dimensional capabilities are second to none in the sprinkler system design industry. The designer using sprinkler system design drawing can draw an accurate detail at any given time.

Sprinkler Design Software Hydraulic Calculation comes built in with:
  • Requires little AutoCAD® knowledge!
  • Powerful hydraulic calculation.
  • comes with sprinkler material list software.
  • Superior 3-dimentional FireAcad to Revit® integration.

Benefits of FireAcad

  • Can create 3D drawing to be able to use in AUTODESK® AutoCAD, or AUTODESK® Navisworks, or AUTODESK® Revit MEP for BIM (Building Information Modelling) drawings.
  • Can calculate the proper length of pipe and allow for head loss for a sloped roof. This is done while drawing. An important feature of the 3D command.
  • Will automatically place and cut the riser nipples, drop nipples and hangers without any extra input.
  • Has built in windows based hydraulic calculations.
  • Can automatically calculate riser nipples, sprinkler drops and spig ups. Competitors programs that are only 2D can only do this by using manual input. This can be very time consuming and prone to input error.
  • NFPA formatted printout.
  • Used Hazen-Williams formula as per NFPA.
  • Perform Hazen-Williams, Darcy Weisbach and Chezy Manning calculations.
  • Can automatically layout the hydraulic reference points. Other programs must do this by hand if you do not get it right the first time. You must start all over. A very time consuming task when done by hand. FireAcad will also allow placing the hydraulic reference points on the drawing for the calculation area or all the way back to the water source.
  • Does not need to quit AUTODESK® AutoCAD to use the hydraulic calculation. Some of the other programs do not have their own built in calculations and must exit AUTODESK® AutoCAD to do the calculations. FireAcad comes complete with hydraulic calculations at no extra cost.
  • Will connect all of the sprinkler line piping to the sprinkler heads automatically, including the riser nipples, in one key stroke. Others must connect the sprinkler piping one piece at a time when not in a warehouse type of environment. Very time consuming.
  • Can put the pipe sizing on the drawing only after the hydraulic calculation is finished. Others will do it before doing hydraulic calculations. This means you will be changing the sizing and text after the calculation is finished.
  • Has the ability to update the drawings when updating the hydraulic calculation every time. Some programs cannot update the drawing after performing multiple updates.
  • Ceiling tile layout can be pre-set or customized for any layout at any starting point using any type of ceiling.
  • Lets you layout sprinklers, ceiling tile and ceiling fixtures with one command. Other programs can take three commends or more to do the same.
  • Lets the end user easily change the pricing of the material.
  • Can place break arms, or extra sprinkler heads, or break the sprinkler line around openings or obstructions with ease right after the sprinkler line is drawn. FireAcad can also place sprinklers at the top of the riser nipples.
  • Has fully usable metric drawing capabilities. You can start out with metric and switch to imperial (English) at any point in time during or at the end of the drawing or vise versa with complete accuracy.
  • Can show the type of pipe used as well as the type of finish. For example, threaded end, grooved, etc. right on the drawing and fabrication sheets.
  • Can cut the pipe hangers automatically without having to specify the height of each column. This is another benefit of 3D.
  • Allows pipes to cross over each other without pipe interference as happen to programs that are using antiquated 2D method. When they cross each other, they will intersect and must separate manually one piece at a time.
  • Can have three different pipe types and three different densities for three different calculations per drawing without affecting the two other calculations. This is extremely useful in a warehouse with offices in the front where the plant may be extra hazard and the offices are light hazard.
  • has sprinkler layout command to layout sprinkler heads. If you are in an area that has many different offices or rooms but has the same ceiling, fill in the commend information once and use it for every room that is the same. You don’t have to redo the same command for every room as do other program. When using this sprinkler layout command, you can fill in such things as sprinkler handers, sprinkler head type and temperature, ceiling grid type, direction, layout as well as sprinkler head spacing. You will also be able to insert lights and heating diffusers.
  • Print out the water graph and the hydraulic node diagram for the calculations. The water graph includes the hose allowance as well as the curve for the fire pump.
  • Can window any area on the drawing and copy to an empty spot on the drawing to be able to rotate it in 3D to show an exact blown up detail.
  • Will always update the drawings and shop fabrication sheets to match the hydraulic calculations when multiple updates has been done. Some programs will not allow performing this important function.
  • Can “turn off” section layers to prevent it from being listed but can be turned back on. This is very handy if parts of the section does not need to be listed.
  • Automatically nodes the water path using hydraulic reference points for the area of application back to the water source. Some of the other programs require to do it manually which can be time consuming especially when the path is incorrect the first time and bust be redone.
  • Will automatically place the swing joints for the line piping at the roof peak for pre-engineered buildings. The cross main piping on the other side of the building will automatically be moved over to the proper space coinciding with the distance of the swing join. Turning off swing joint desired to bend the pipe. This is another important feature of 3D
  • Has hanger list command allows for sorting hanger rod lengths, rod diameters ring types and ring sizes as well as type and quantity of hanger attachment. This command will automatically place, cut, sort and list all hangers.
  • Allows adding or deleting miscellaneous material to the shop device pick out sheets as well as updating the pricing sheets and purchasing sheets. Can do it before printing the shop fabrications lists.
  • Has a “RESORT” command can resort the piping to an exact and specific order instead of doing it manually.
  • Can automatically move grooved couplings when an outlet for the main or light wall lines are too close to the outlet.
  • Now shows the main and light wall lines cut dimensions from the outlets to the grooved couplings in addition to centre-to-centre dimensions.
  • Allows the designer to cut the drawings using centre-to-centre dimensions or pipe cut dimensions.
  • Allows to globally scale the text size of the entire drawing or any portion of the drawing up or down.
  • Allows for an unlimited number of pipes, sprinkler heads, and hydraulic reference nodes for the drawing as well as unlimited size of hydraulic calculation.
  • Allows up to seven float mains for grid systems and still use the automatic calculation and stock listing procedure.
  • Allows viewing the stock listing program and having the option to edit before printing.
  • Can automatically draws return bends
  • Has a “PIPE CLEAN UP” command that will automatically remove the pipe running through the centre of the heads and put on the drawing all piping details. Such as riser and elbow symbols automatically.
  • Automatically cut hanger on joints according to NFPA#13 or manual requirements.