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Manual Hazen-Williams Hydraulic Calculation

Lacking speed and wasting too much time to create a balanced hydraulic calculation? CalcPlus is what you need that uses Hazen-Williams method that will be able to balance the system and do any required revisions with ease without wasting too much time.

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CalcPlus Main Hydraulic Calculation

Product Profile

FireAcad now has it for you! CalcPlus was designed and developed by a group of professional Engineers that work in the fire sprinkler industry. Its conception was based on any piping configuration to be inputted easily. CalcPlus allows to calculate from the design area to the supply or from the supply to the design with fast, accurate results.

Benefits of CalcPlus

  • Fast, accurate and easy to use.
  • Unlimited number of water supplies.
  • Insert check valves anywhere.
  • Insert backflow preventer anywhere.
  • Insert pressure reducing valves anywhere and set to any pressure rating.
  • Add pumps in at any location with more than one pump capability.
  • Add node and pipe numbers at any location.
  • Revise existing data in any form randomly.
  • Automatically build typical Tree and Grid systems.
  • Revise existing project fast and easy.
  • NFPA format printout.
  • Utilize Hazen-Williams formula as per NFPA.
  • Input can be done in metric and imperial units.
  • Easily switch from KPa to BAR to Psi for quick reference regardless of the unites started off with.
  • Calculations can contain several water sources, including fire pumps and elevated water tanks. Pressure reducing valves cab be added to the system easily, as are backflow preventers.
  • Hydraulic calculations with auto peaking.

A complete video sample of how to use the hydraulic calculation from a sample node diagram. If you have any questions after viewing the video, please contact FireAcad Inc.