FireQcalc Sprinkler Software Hydraulic Calculation

Rapid Hydraulic Calculations with Hazen-Williams, Darcy-Weisbach and Chezy-Manning Methods

The team of professional engineers at FireAcad® designed and developed FireQcalc after decades of working in the sprinkler design industry. Its conception was based on any piping configuration to be inputted easily.

Unlike CalcPlus, FireQcalc allows you to perform hydraulic calculations using any of the Hazen-Williams, Darcy-Weisbach, and Chezy-Manning methods at the tips of your fingers! This software will allow end users to calculate from the design area to the supply, or from the supply to the design area, with fast and accurate results.

How to Purchase our Software

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Features & Benefits of FireQcalc

  • Perform Hazen-Williams, Darcy Weisbach and Chezy Manning calculations
  • Has the ability to create a complete tree or grid system from scratch by giving information based on node diagram
  • Has the ability to manually input node by node based on node diagram
  • Can create and add a custom riser detail based on the components on any project
  • Very easy to revise, or globally revise, or add multiple lines without entering same information again
  • Able to generate NFPA Printout package
  • Generate the hydraulic graph to attach to the NFPA Printout package
  • 3 Calculation Methods:
    • Calculate Supply: Hydraulically calculates the system from the supply node towards the most remote end of the system. This uses up all available water and shows the actual discharge at the sprinkler heads
    • Most Remote Head: Hydraulically calculates the system with minimum discharge from the sprinkler heads, and balances the system to show the required water source needed at the supply
    • Fixed Pressure: Can force a certain pressure at the most remote head and calculate the system according to that fixed pressure as opposed to using an area, density and k-factor. The system will calculate the fixed head pressure which will always match the minimum pressure.

Pricing & System Requirements

Licensing Details

First-Time Purchasers:
  • US$1,570 fee to purchase one-year license for software (1st and subsequent stations)
  • First time purchasers receive 1 day of free basic training
  • Annual renewal fee is required after 1 year for each station
  • Software upgrade is optional until required for each station
Annual Renewal Fee:
  • US$250 for each station (1st and subsequent)
  • To continue using our software, you must pay an annual renewal fee
Software Upgrade Fee:
  • US$1,000 for each station (1st and subsequent)
  • Software upgrades are not mandatory each year; only as needed for active licensees