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Units of Measure (A. NFPA 13 states required dimensions in both SI (metric) and Imperial (U.S. Customary) units . An annex note was added advising users to use one set of units of measure consistently. This annex note reads: Where both units of measure are presented (SI and Imperial), users of this standard should apply one set of units consistently and should not alternate between units. Automated Inspection and Testing (3.3.9). A new definition was added for Automated Inspection and
Question 1 – 6 in. Rod Rule for Pipes Greater than 2-inch Diameter Does the 6 in. rod rule (NFPA 13-2013 Section apply to both cross mains and branch lines (regardless of size), permitting omission of lateral bracing? A sprinkler system is installed with 6 in. cross mains and 3 in. branch lines.  Pipe is supported by rods less than 6 in. from top of pipe to point of structural attachment.  Based on sections
“Flammable, inflammable & nonflammable… Why are there three? Don’t you think that two ought to serve the purpose? I mean either the thing flams or it doesn’t!” – George Carlin Back when I first heard George Carlin utter those words in the early 1980s I had no idea I would be applying them to real world fire protection problems one day. Many of the topics we write about in TechNotes are sparked by actual questions we
Best of February 2018 Following are a dozen questions answered by the engineering staff as part of the NFSA’s Expert of the Day (EOD) member assistance program during the month of February 2018. This information is being brought forward as the “Best of February 2018.” If you have a question for the NFSA EOD (and you are an NFSA member), send your question to and the EOD will get back to you. It should be noted that
Question 1 – Velocity Limitations You note that FM Global insured projects limit flow velocities in sprinkler systems. Does NFPA 13 limit the velocity of water flow through a pipe? Answer: The answer to your question is “no.” NFPA 13 does not set a limit on flow velocities in sprinkler systems. When Hazen-Williams or Darcy-Weisbach calculations are performed, NFPA 13-2016 section* explicitly states that flow velocity is not to be limited unless required by another NFPA standard.* Unless required by other NFPA

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