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120-Day Money-Back Guarantee Program

120 day money-back guarantee

FireAcad Inc. stands by its software product to provide four months of full software use before committing to licensing the actual software. If for any reason you are not happy or satisfied, FireAcad Inc. will be happy to refund the money minus the shipping cost after 120 days is over. In order to receive the refund, you will need to ship the USB Security Lock back to FireAcad Inc.. Once FireAcad Inc. receives the USB Security Lock, will issue the refund.

120 day money-back guarantee includes:

  • Software
  • Training
  • Superior technical support


To obtain the money-back guarantee program, FireAcad Inc. will not charge for the cost of the software, but only charge for the USB Security Lock due to third party charge as shown below.

USB Software Security Lock
FireAcad™ Inc. Charges $200 USD


FireAcad Inc. will provide a software offer proposal outlining the total cost and all of its details that are included. Upon signing the software proposal, you are agreeing the terms and conditions in order to protect both parties.

Cancelling the software

Once you have paid online and have committed to the money-back guarantee program, you are essentially agreeing with FireAcad Inc. that there is a no refund policy during the 120 days of the software use. When the 120 day is up, you then will be able to cancel and not continue providing you contacting FireAcad Inc. to state the reason for not continuing and ship the USB Security Lock.


There are two shipping charges along with the USB Security Lock cost that will be based on the location as shown in the table below.

Within North and South America Shipping
FireAcad™ Inc. Charges $100 USD
Note: The cost includes FireAcad™ Inc. time and travel cost plus shipping cost to the destination.
Outside of North and South America Shipping
FireAcad™ Inc. Charges $250 USD
Note: The cost includes FireAcad™ Inc. time and travel cost plus shipping cost to the destination.


FireAcad Inc. will provide a limited time free training that will help you excel, use it efficiently, and with ease on any projects. Once you have paid, FireAcad Inc. will email you or call you to schedule the training session. The amount of days it takes depends on the software you paid for which includes as follows:

  • FireAcad: 2-Day training (Savings of $2,000)
  • FireAcad Lite: 1.5-Day training (Savings of $1,500)
  • Calcplus: 1-Day training (Savings of $1,000)
  • FireQcalc: 1-Day training (Savings of $1,000)

Superior technical support

FireAcad Inc. commits a very high standard of making sure our clients are satisfied and getting the technical support right away during business hours. Thus, you have many ways of reaching technical support from the list below:

  • E-mail
  • Phone
  • Texting
  • Live Chat
  • GoToMeeting/TeamViewer

Refunded payments

Refunds are processed online and will be made only to the payment card used. The payment made to FireAcad Inc. minus the shipping cost will be refunded. It can take up to 5 to 10 business day to show on your statement.

Continue after four months

When the software expires or getting near expiration and would like to continue, you must license the current software minus the money-back guarantee cost already paid. Please click on the link to see FireAcad Inc. licensing cost below.

FireAcd Inc. Pricing Link