How do I make a purchase on the website?

FireAcad has created a fully-automated process to help you with your purchase.

Step 1: Select Your Options and Add to Cart

Once you select the product you wish to add to your cart, you’ll arrive at the purchase page, where you will be given options to choose from.

If you are a returning customer, you’ll be able to:

  • Renew your license to continue using the software
  • Upgrade your software to the latest release of FireAcad

If you are a brand new customer or a customer whose account with us has expired for some time, then you have the option to pick “first-time purchase”.

Once a selection is made, you will then be prompted to determine how many stations are required for your desired product.

Step 2: Confirm Purchase Details and Checkout

Once you’ve added your desired products to the cart, you can review your cart and total, and proceed to checkout.

Step 3: Fill In Billing Details & Create an Account

Please fill in your billing details, and remember to check “Create an Account” so that you can access your account using your purchase information.

Step 4: Review Order, Select Payment Method and Purchase

At this stage, you will be prompted to review your order, and the payment amount. You will also be asked to select your desired payment method: direct bank transfer, cheque payment, or credit card.

Please make sure you read FireAcad’s terms and conditions (the conditions of the Software License Agreement) and check the box prior to placing your order. You will be asked to sign a copy of the Software License Agreement after the purchase has been made.

Step 5: Order Confirmation and Download MakeInfo File

When your order has been processed successfully, you’ll be taken to the “Order Details” page and sent an email copy of your invoice, where you’ll be able to review your purchase and download any relevant files to get started, such as the MakeInfo File.

If your payment is still under review (such as all cheque and direct transfer payments), your order will be updated manually once payment has been received, and an invoice emailed to you immediately.

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