FireAcad Uninstallation Steps

Follow the steps below and you should be able to successfully uninstall FireAcad software.


FireAcad Installation Startup

When FireAcad Disk is inserted, the AutoPlay Dialog will pop up prompting to select run setup.exe.

FireAcad Trigger Path

FireAcad trigger file path dialog will appear telling where the facadtrigger folder default location will be created. Leave the path as default and press OK button to proceed.

FireAcad Conversion Tool

FireAcad Conversion tool dialog will only appear if the user is changing their USB MPI lock to a USB 64 bit Lock.

FireAcad Conversion Success

Once you have successfully changed your USB MPI lock to a USB 64 bit Lock, FireAcad Conversion message will appear. Make sure to press OK and then Press Exit button to proceed on.


FireAcad Uninstallation

This is the FireAcad main installation dialog. Please choose UNINSTALL button on the bottom right.

FireAcad Uninstall Backup

Once you press the uninstall button, you will get a message to make sure you have backed up all the files in c:fireacad and then you may press OK button. From this point on, your c:fireacad folder and the content inside will get erased.


FireAcad Uninstallation Finish

This dialog shows that FireAcad has completely uninstalled from your computer.