sprinkler system design software hydraulic calculation

Sprinkler System Design Software Hydraulic Calculation


Product Profile

Knowledge of AutoCAD® is very minimal because FireAcad has all the required built-in cluster of commands to help ease without knowing any AutoCAD® commands. Thus, the beauty is that it is a complete automatic sprinkler system design software hydraulic calculation by FireAcad. Its 3-Dimensional capabilities are second to none in the sprinkler system design industry. The designer using sprinkler system design drawing can draw an accurate detail at any given time.

Sprinkler Design Software Hydraulic Calculation comes built in with:
  • Requires little AutoCAD® knowledge!
  • Powerful hydraulic calculation.
  • comes with sprinkler material list software.
  • Superior 3-dimentional FireAcad to Revit® MEP integration.

Features and Advantages

Some specific advantages that sprinkler system design software can provide you with are:
  • Is able to change plan view to 3-dimensional view anytime.
  • Calcualte proper length of pipe and head loss in slope roof.
  • Add hydraulic reference points on the drawing for calculation area or all the way back to the water source.
  • Does not need to quit AutoCAD® to use the hydraulic calculations.
  • Sprinkler heads and riser nipples will auto connect all sprinkler line pipe.
  • After doing hydraulic calculation, the pipe size will appear on the drawing.
  • Preset or custom ceiling tile layout to any type of ceiling at any start point.
  • Allows to layout sprinklers, ceiling tile, and ceiling fixtures with one command.
  • Very easy to change material price.
  • Sprinkler line is able to break arms, add extra sprinkler heads or break the sprinkler line around openings or obstructions. FireAcad can also add sprinklers at the top of the riser nipples with one simple keystroke.
  • A command can layout sprinklers, ceiling tile and ceiling fixtures.
  • switch metric to imperial or vice versa anytime with complete accuracy.
  • Drawing and fabrication sheet will show the type of pipe and type of finish. For example, threaded end, grooved, etc.
  • Auto place pipe hangers with one keystroke without having to add the height of each and every column. This is a benefit of 3-dimensional.
  • Pipes can cross over each other without intersecting in 2-dimensional. Requires manual separation.
  • Each drawing can have different pipe type, distinct densities for three separate calculations.
  • Fill information once in the sprinkler layout command for different offices or rooms with the same ceiling. This command can use multiple times for every room that is the same. Thus, no need to repeat the command for every room. You can fill in the sprinkler hangers, sprinkler head type, temperature, ceiling grid type, direction, layout as well as sprinkler head spacing. Also, can insert lights and heating diffusers.
  • Print water graph and the hydraulic calculations. The water graph will include hose allowance as well as the curve for the fire pump.
  • Can show blow up details.
  • Window anywhere in the drawing.