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Fire Sprinkler System Design Software FireAcad

Program that provides many commands to complete the sprinkler drawings. The sprinkler software is based on AutoCADĀ®. Fire sprinkler system design software by FireAcad can produce a tree, loop, grid and slope sprinkler systems. Also, it can extract information from the sprinkler drawing for the hydraulic calculation and material listing automatically. It takes less time to finish the sprinkler drawings. Fire sprinkler system design software is based 100% on the current edition of the NFPA Code!

FireAcad is second to none in the sprinkler industry for many decades. We have knowledgeable professionals that knows sprinkler inside out. This is why the sprinkler software is the best in the market. Your money will be well spend. Please contact our knowledgeable professionals RIGHT NOW! Do not miss out the opportunity for your company to lack speed, efficiency, and to meet NFPA CODE.

FireAcad Is Capable of Creating A 3D View to Navisworks or Revit MEP for BIM Use

Fire sprinkler system design software is made simpler with:
  • Create 3D drawinginformation
  • Insert piping cut textinformation
  • Minimize the clutter textsinformation
  • The new NFPA calculation printoutinformation
  • FireAcad's own profileinformation
  • Auto detect valid objectinformation
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  • Report drawing errorsinformation
  • Pre-designed detailsinformation
  • Show only the selected layersinformation
  • Change to any system typesinformation
  • Draw piping layout with easeinformation
  • Produce material lists & calculationsinformation
New Hydraulic Calculation FireAcad
Everyone was asking for Darcy-Weisbach and Chezy-Manning to be implemented to the hydraulic calculation. Well, now the time has come and FireAcad is proud to announce the brand new hydraulic calculation that is very simple to use. All it takes is knowledge and a simple click of a button.

The video will show you how Darcy-Weisbach and Chezy-Manning can be used when extracting from a current FireAcad drawing. Please take the time to view the video carefully as it outlines the exact process to create a hydraulic calculation. If you have any questions regarding the new calculation, please do not hesitate to contact FireAcad or leave a question or comments below.
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